The sudden death of Brokeback Mountain lead star Heath Ledger (January 22, 2008) is under thorough investigation. New York policemen who are in-charge of the said investigation is merely focusing in drug addiction as the cause of death of the star since there were pills in the vicinity of the bed where Heath was found death. According to Heath’s housekeeper in his apartment in New York , Heath has an appointment with his masseuse the day Heath died. His housekeeper went to his bedroom to notified Heath that his masseuse had arrived and the housekeeper found him unconscious at 3:26 P.M. His body was found on the floor and after shaking him for some time both his housekeeper and masseuse called the authority. According to the investigators there is no indication of suicide. Heath died at 28.

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  1. digga Says:

    its too bad he died. he was a good actor. could have gone the other way with owen wilson too. he was on the brink. hope he is doing better.

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