According to the medical examiner of Heath’s sudden death, an accidental overdosed of six different drugs merely painkillers and “sedatives are the cause. Heath died of “acute intoxication” from the combination of two strong painkillers, two anxiety medicines an two sleeping aids. The examiners also warn the public of the dangers of mixing drugs.

Among the drugs that were found in Heath’s body were oxycodone which is a painkiller, an anxiety pill which is Valium and Xanax which are both sedatives. The medical examiner and police wouldn't identify the medications Heath Ledger had in his apartment when his body was discovered on Jan. 22, nor would they discuss who had prescribed them. It also wasn't known why he had the drugs; he said in a newspaper interview last year that he needed sleeping pills after two stressful acting jobs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating how Heath Ledger got the medications. It's common for investigators to review prescriptions when so many drugs are involved in an overdose death, said spokesman Rusty Payne.

Heath’s family arrived last Tuesday in Perth , Australia after spending nearly 2 weeks in the United States immediately following their beloved Heath’s death. There was no indication that Ledger's remains have arrived in Australia , and there was no sign of activity at the family's plot in Karrakatta Cemetery on Wednesday.

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